Ticket FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Pre Sales

Due to forces beyond our control, dogs will no longer be allowed on the festival grounds at Podunk for the comfort and safety of all attendees. This was a very difficult decision and did not come lightly. We understand how much the dog is part of the family, but try as we may, there is no way we could avoid this route. Incidents in the past as well as liabilities and our insurance carrier have forced our hand. We hope you will understand what a difficult decision this was. A list of nearby kennels is available here in the event you would like to have your pets nearby.

Service dogs (Dogs that are individually trained to perform tasks for a person with a disability) will continue to be allowed per the Americans with Disabilities Act. Thank you.

Yes, if you are a day visitor. You can purchase your passes online now or at the gate.
No, if you are camping. Your parking pass is included.

There are a limited number of camping areas with electrical hookups. These can be optionally purchased separately as an add-on to your camping order.  They are not included automatically with camping.  Since we have a limited supply, they will be assigned on a first come - first served basis.  And when they're gone - they're gone.  We will only sell as many electrical passes as we have hookups at the Goshen Fairgrounds.

Handicap Access

Handicapped parking is located on the event side of the street; access is at the north gate. Handicapped permit must be displayed.

There are handicapped accessible stalls in both the men’s and women’s bathrooms at the fairgrounds.

The fairgrounds are mostly grassy with some dirt roads running through most areas. The main stage area is on a small hill. However wheelchairs can have a flat space closer to the stage.

There are no handicapped specific showers.

Goshen Fairgrounds does have the capability to recharge electric wheelchairs and oxygen units.

Please know that Podunk will make every effort to accommodate handicapped needs. Email us at shop@podunkbluegrass.com or call (860) 506-5747 to inquire about specific needs.  We'll do our best to "figure it out".

The festival happens rain or shine.  There are no refunds for bad weather. Bring your umbrella and join us - we'll be having a blast!

No. If you have a day pass, you're required to leave the fairgrounds an hour after the Main Stage music ends. If you think you may want to stay over, then you'll need to purchase a Festival with Camping ticket.

No. If it comes with French fries and you don’t eat them - it’s still the same price.


The Ticket Buying process explained

Sure!  We have a new ticket buying procedure. Hopefully, you'll find it easier to use. And maybe more importantly, no extra processing fees.  AND no sales tax as we are a certified Not-for-Profit in Connecticut. Finally, your tickets are emailed to you when you complete the buying process.  No waiting.

Let's start with:  All ticket sales are final. No refunds. If you can't attend for some reason, you can sell/transfer your ticket(s) to someone else.  See our Transfer Ticket section later on this FAQ page.

You can mix and match any tickets in your order.  You can buy Festival with Camping as well as Day tickets and all of our various add on services.

Let's buy some stuff:
Go to our Tickets page.
Click/tap the graphic or link for the item you want to purchase.
Enter the quantity you want.
You'll then be able to enter a separate name and email for each item.
When buying multiples, make sure to click/tap Ticket 2 etc to enter their info.
Then click/tap Add to Cart at the bottom.
You'll be taken to your shopping Cart.
If you need to purchase other tickets or services - click/tap "Keep Shopping".
Repeat until done with your various purchases.
When in the Cart - click/tap Proceed to Checkout button at the bottom.
Fill in your account data and at the bottom click/tap the Proceed to PayPal button.
You do not need to have a PayPal account - they will also accept major debit/credit cards.
Make your payment via the Paypal screens.
When finished with PayPal, you'll be returned to your Order.
And ... basically, you're done except for checking for emails.

Expected Emails:

  • An Order Confirmation email from Podunk with a subject line of "Your Podunk Bluegrass Festival order has been received!"  This is a summary of your entire order. It also has important links to your tickets at the bottom in the "Order Tickets" section. You may need these links later depending on what you might want to do in the future.  SAVE THIS EMAIL!
  • An email from PayPal confirming your purchase through them.
  • A separate email for each individual ticket you purchased (unless you entered a different email for the ticket - then that ticket will be emailed to that address).  Print these ticket emails and bring them with you to the festival.  ALSO SAVE THESE EMAILS!


After you purchased your ticket(s)

Yikes!  That's not supposed to happen.

First, check your spam folder.  Due to the vagaries and differences between email providers, sometimes the Order Confirmation and/or Ticket emails wind up in spam.  We've made every effort to avoid this, but our testing showed that some still go to spam.  So ... first check your spam folder.

If you received the Order Confirmation email
1. Scroll down to the Order Tickets section of the email (near the bottom).
2. Click on the link(s) to your ticket(s).
3. You'll be taken to your ticket screen.
4. You'll see your name and email.
5. Below that is an Update button and next to that is a link to Print Ticket.
6. Click/tap that and you'll see your ticket.
7. From there, depending on your browser
Find and click the 'send to printer' button if your browser has one.
Or right click on the ticket and choose "Print" from the "choice box" that will appear.

If none of this made sense or didn't help...
Contact us for help.  See the "If All Else Fails" section at the end of this page.

We highly recommend that you do print your tickets.  We will be scanning the QRcode on your ticket to process you thru the gate.  Printed tickets will speed your check-in process.

You hand your paper ticket out your window and we scan.  No need to give us your phone (fumble the handoff and then pick it off the ground, or stuck between your seat and the door, etc) - or to have us reaching into your car/truck to scan a phone. No dealing with screen glare.  Plus, if there is a tech glitch either with our wifi or your phone, we can still process your paper ticket.  So, yes, please print your ticket.

And please remember to BRING your ticket.  We know you would never forget your ticket, but for those that do, arriving without a ticket really slows down the check-in process.

Excellent question!  Notify personnel at check-in that you have an electric hookup ticket.  We will have one of our friendly staff members drive you around the grounds in their golf cart to show you locations of the remaining hookup locations that meet your amperage needs (20,30 or 50).  That's a lot easier than having you drive around the fairgrounds with your big rig looking for a spot.

Once you've picked your location, it will be tagged as yours and not shown to others. You'll then be returned to your rig and after 1pm on Wednesday, you'll be able to drive right to your spot.  That helps with traffic congestion - especially Wednesday at 1pm when the gates officially open and our own mini rodeo begins.

Remember, an electric hookup ticket is NOT an admission ticket. You still need to purchase either a VIP Experience or Festival with Camping ticket.  Electric hookups are limited and an optional purchase.

It's a relatively easy procedure and you can do it yourself.  No need to call the Podunk office unless you have a problem.

You will need to perform this transfer process for each ticket/service involved. So, if transferring multiple tickets (like a Saturday day ticket and a parking pass), you have to repeat this process for both tickets.

Find the ticket you want to transfer

Find your ticket email of the ticket you want to transfer
1. Click the link provided in the email to change information.
2. Go (scroll down to) "Make the Transfer" in this question block to finish.

If you can't find your Ticket email 
1. Find your Order Confirmation email (you did save that - right?) .
2. Open that email and scroll down to the "Order Ticket" section (near the bottom).
3. Click on the link for the ticket you want to transfer.
4. Go (scroll down to) "Make the Transfer" in this question block to finish.

If you can't find your Ticket or Order email
1. Contact us for help.  See the "If All Else Fails" section at the end of this page.

Make the Transfer

1. Now, you can edit the name and email address to the person you are transferring the ticket to.
2. Click the Update button and you're done.
3. The person you named will have their ticket auto-emailed to them.
4. You're done.  Easy-peasy eh?
5. We're gonna miss you ...

Camping Gate Times:
Wed: 1 pm to 10 pm
Thu-Sat: 8 am to 10 pm

Day Ticket Gate Times:
Thu: 11 am to 10 pm
Fri-Sat: 9 am to 10 pm
Sun: 9 am to 1 pm

Special Wednesday gate hours for campers only:
Only campers will be allowed to line up inside the gate in the Day Parking Area starting at 7 am on Wednesday.  You won't be allowed into the camping area until 1 pm Wednesday.
NO ONE will be allowed to line up on the road per order of the State Police.

Fantastic.  Never fear - we have plenty of parking right in the fairgrounds.

And we have shuttle carts operating just before and after the Main Stage music to help those that need it to get where they want to be.


When All Else Fails … then what?

We’re here to help.  Please be as specific as possible to speed us along.
You can email us at shop@podunkbluegrass.com
or call (Monday to Friday  9am to 5pm EST) (860) 506-5747