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Thank you to all who have volunteered in the past!

Podunk Volunteers 2023
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Volunteers will be expected to comply with any covid protocols that may be in place as will our staff and patrons.

Volunteers will be required to work a minimum of three (5) five-hour shifts for a total minimum of 15 hours. In exchange, you will receive your Rough Camping Full Festival Ticket, a volunteer t-shirt to be worn during all shifts, and a good feeling of meeting new people and working with other great volunteers. And let’s not forget the over 60 hours of music on 3 stages.

ALL VOLUNTEERS, NEW & VETERAN, must fill out the online form if they wish to be considered. However, if you are unable to apply online due to computer issues, you may call the volunteer coordinator at (305) 747-6614.

Once you’ve sent in your online application, you will receive an auto-reply email verifying that we have received your application. If you don’t see it within a few minutes, check your email spam filter. Contact the volunteer coordinator via email if you are unsure. If you are accepted as a volunteer, you will receive a second confirmation email indicating your crew assignment. New applicants may be contacted by phone or email for a brief interview. Even applicants who are not accepted, withdraw, or cancel will receive an additional email conveying that information.
We will confirm volunteers until all crews are filled. As crews fill we may place you on a waiting list. Then, you may be placed as a volunteer if a last-minute cancellation occurs.

Crew captains make their own individual schedules. You should be notified of your schedule by email or phone call. Report to your crew captain immediately after checking in. All Volunteers must be flexible with regard to scheduling, however, we try to work with each volunteer to schedule them at a time that suits both the volunteer and the festival.

Volunteers should arrive any time after 2 pm Wednesday or one day before their first scheduled shift for check-in and schedule unless other arrangements are made with the volunteer coordinator or crew captain.

If you must cancel, in order to remain in good standing, you must send an email message to volunteers@podunkbluegrass.com on or before Aug. 1st. If you have to cancel after that time, you should contact the volunteer coordinator ASAP. An email and/or phone call with an explanation is very important. In this case, we will mark your record so you remain in good standing, and you will be clear to volunteer the next year. If you need to cancel anytime after Friday before the gates open, contact the Festival office at (860) 506-5747 and leave a message making sure to note your assigned crew.

If you do not contact us or just don’t show up for your shifts, you will not be invited back.

Unfortunately, at this time, we are unable to provide meals.

We do not allow children or pets to accompany working volunteers during their shifts due to safety issues.

NO ALCOHOL OR DRUG USE WHILE ON DUTY. Please do not arrive for your shift impaired.

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