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Dan Tyminski Band (Sat)

Jerry Douglas Band (Fri)

Sister Sadie (Sat)

Joe Mullins & the Radio Ramblers (Fri)

The Kody Norris Show (Sat)

Junior Sisk (Fri)

Seth Mudler & Midnight Run (Sat)

The Alex Leach Band (Fri)

Stillhouse Junkies (Sat)

Williamson Branch (Sat, Sun)

The Bad Oats (Sat)

Colebrook Road (Thurs)

Redwood Hill (Sun)

Four Bridges (Thurs)

Eugene Tyler Band (Fri)

Past Lineups

We greatly appreciate the outstanding job Rosewood Sound has done on the main stage since 2004 using the first sound system conceived, designed, and built expressly for the reinforcement of acoustic instruments.

Rosewood Sound