2024 Litchfield Stage

The Litchfield Stage will feature workshops, jams, performances and more!


9:00 Yoga

4:30 From Bluegrass to Swing with Patrice Webb

5:30 Three Part Harmony with On The Trail

6:30 Mandolin Tips with Nick Chandler 

7:30 Tone, Taste, and Timing-Bass workshop, with Jeff Horton & Gary Trivette (of Nick Chandler)


9:00 Yoga

11:00 Jeff Horton Band performance

12:00 Experiences In The Bluegrass Business w/ Ken Irwin

1:00-3:00 RIBA Slow Jam, Beginner, w/ Rich Guilbault

3:00 Making Most of Your Voice w/ Jeff Horton, Alice Jenkins

3:00-4:00 Writing from a Hook or Title w/ Dawn Kenny (In the Swine Barn)

4:00 Fiddle Workshop w/ Carly Arrowood

4:45-Dinner Break

6:00 Fronting A Band Celia Woodsmith (Della Mae)

7:00 Arranging Songs For A Bluegrass Band w/ Poor Monroe

8:00 Three Most Important Practice Techniques for All Instruments w/ TonyWatt


9:00 Yoga

11:00 How Are We Doing? Town Hall meeting w/ the Podunk Board

11:00 The Business Side of Songwriting  *(Located in the Swine barn)

12:00 Beg-Low Int Bluegrass Guitar w/Tony Watt

1:00 RIBA Slow Jam, Intermediate w/ Rich Guilbault

3:00 John McEuen: 50 Years of Nitty Gritty Dirt Band & Other Stories

3:00 Elements of Successful Songs *(Located in the Swine barn)

4:15 Dinner Break

5:00 Blending Old Time & Bluegrass Styles w/ Ida Mae Specker & Band

6:00 High Int-Adv Bluegrass Guitar w/ Tony Watt


8:00 Defining The Band’s Sound w/ Kevin Prater


9:00 Yoga