Lou Abbondanzo, guitar; Randy Batson, guitar; Matt Carlen, guitar and mandolin; Jeff Horton, bass; Gary Beekmann, dobro, mandolin, guitar; Peter Fein, banjo and ukulele; Larry DeJong, violin. Vocals? All of us (well, except for Larry)

The Jamblers were born from a Friday night jam at the home of Lou Abbondanzo. We gather around 8 PM and play past midnight. Jeff and Gary drive more than an hour each way just to pick. Every week. We each have our tunes, one after the other, and the solos can… well… go on for a bit. Heck, there are 7 of us. And we ALL pick. Randy Batson is Berklee trained. He and Larry DeJong play in Railroad House. Matt Carlen is a bluegrass veteran. He and Jeff Horton played at Podunk last year on the Main and Showcase Stages with Wide Open Spaces. Jeff is a RI Bluegrass Hall of Fame(r), known for his time with Flying Fish Recording Artists Northern Lights and years of workshops at many festivals, including this one. Pete Fein is fabulous on the ukulele and banjo, and Gary Beekmann is our latest find. We’re enjoying the music with Gary. He adds a lot. 7 players, 6 singers. Come hear our Showcase Set!