Podunk Songwriting Competition Winners



1st – Dennis Sheridan, Bolton, CT – “Hope Valley”

2nd – J.M. Clifford, Brooklyn, NY – “Complicated Man”

3rd – Mary Beth Stone and Rob Taube, Nashville, TN – “Last Farm Left in Hardin County”



1st – Patrice Webb ~ Ponderay, ID – “Idaho”

2nd – Roy O’Neill ~ Washington, CT – “Marriage on the Rocks”

3rd – Buddy Guido & Paul Kelly ~ Mohawk, NY – “I Can’t Stand to Sit Around”



1st – Stan Keach and Jeff Trippe, Rome, ME – “Can’t You Hear It Callin’?”

2nd – Dennis Sheridan, Bolton, CT – “Old Guys”

3rd – Patrice Webb, Ponderay, Idaho – “The Mountain”



1st – Richard Piccarreto, Stowe, MA – “Tenney Hill”

2nd – Boyd Timothy, Highland, UT – “Creek Side Bend”
3rd – Co-written by Paul Kelly Santa Fe, NM and Buddy Guido Mohawk, NY – “Dig a Little Deeper”



1st – Boyd Timothy of Highlands, UT – “Pines of Caroline”

2nd – Jerry Johnston Fort Worth, TX – “Bluebonnet Blue”
3rd – Co-written by Paul Kelly Santa Fe, NM and Buddy Guido Mohawk, NY – “Word of Mouth”



1st – Stan Keach, Rome, Maine – “Bear in the Barn”

2nd – Stan Keach, Rome, Maine – “Up On Little Round Top”
3rd – Kevin Hale, Brentwood, TN – “A Good Old Fiddle Tune”



 1st – Nick Anderson – “Houses on the Farm”

2nd – Mark Swartzentruber – “I’m Tired of Pretending”
3rd – Laurence Baer – “I Woke Up Today”



1st – Kevin Hale, Brentwood, TN “Angel from Appalachia”

2nd – Mike Swartzentruber, Centerburg, OH “My Child Welcome Home”
3rd – Kevin Hale, Brentwood, TN “Are There Hillbilly Bands in Heaven?”



1st – David McKeon, Astoria, NY “Sweet Annie Mae”

2nd – Kevin Hale, West Lake Village, CA “I Paid for Your Sins”
3rd – Eben Salter, Gales Ferry, CT “The Old Iron Gate”



1st – Geoff Bartley, Framingham, MA “Sunny Side of Town”

2nd – Greg Baker, Conifer, CA “Fifty Miles from Nowhere”
3rd – Eben Salter, Gales Ferry, CT “The Call of the Crow”



1st –  Julie Foldesi, New York, NY “This Part of Town”

2nd – Abby Hollander, Brooklyn, NY “Darlin’ City”
3rd – Abby Hollander, Brooklyn, NY “Loneliness Here”



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1st – Andrea Asprel, Milford, CT
2nd – Mary Munsey, Abingdon, VA
3rd – Peter Niabut, Southampton, MA



1st – Gail Wade, Lebanon, CT