D’Addario Kids’ Academy (Podunk Bluegrass Kids’ Academy)

What Parents are Saying

“We think it was wonderful—great instructors, how they teach the kids so much in 3 days!”

“It is a wonderful opportunity you are offering—thank you so much for putting it together!”


“A big boost in my child learning—he gained confidence in his playing ability. He has only been playing 9 months and the learning curve this weekend increased sharply.”

“Thanks so much to Vicki and Tim Great Job! Thanks to the instructors too!”

“It was awesome. Best part was the friendly, helpful staff who went out of their way to ensure that everyone had a role in the show and enjoyed themselves.”

“It’s a lot of work but so worth it! Thank you to the instructors for your time, talent and patience (and all the encouragement)!”

“Great program. Please keep it going.”

“Every aspect of it was positive—grateful for this new musical experience”

“It’s a great program. Our daughter is learning more in 3 days than in one year of lessons.”

“Fantastic program!”

“We love it and appreciate all of your hard work and passion.”

“Wish there was one for beginning adults.” Note: There is – see the Intergenerational Academy

“Kids really enjoyed it. Thank you for your patience and encouragement!”

“My daughter struggles practicing violin but loves fiddle. I’m thrilled that last year’s Kids’ Academy experience had her so excited to play again.”

“It’s amazing! Can we clone you? See you next year!”

“It’s fantastic! We would like to see a Family Academy.”

“It is a wonderful experience for the kids! Thank you so much for everything.”

“It makes Podunk a destination for us and our kids. They love it!”

From earlier years:

“Hey all, this is Hannah’s mom here – I wasn’t at the festival (she attended with Michael Suchernick’s family) so I really appreciate the great pictures! Hannah had an awesome time learning and playing with the other kids. She called us almost every night to tell us about what she was doing. We are *so”excited for that she had the opportunity to attend and meet other young musicians.”

“Dear members of the Kids’ Academy,
This is Vivian’s family from Hong Kong. It had been a wonderful time at the Podunk festival. Vivian really enjoyed it very much and would like to thank each of you for being so nice and helpful to her. Please keep in touch and wish you all become great bluegrass players.”