Starting from lessons at age 8, Jack has advanced through the years to end up as one of Maine’s most talented singers and acoustic guitar players. Teenage years spent in Nashville with his song-writer dad allowed him the good fortune of taking serious guitar lessons from top-level professional players. In 1976 Jack found his true soul in Bluegrass music, honing his skills at numerous festivals, playing in a variety of bands, and many times being part of opening acts for famous headliners at these festivals. For 12 years beginning in 1998 he was a member of the Connecticut band “Grass Routes“, recording two CD projects with them. He also plays guitar for “Al Hawkes and his Nitehawks” Bluegrass Band. He played guitar on Al’s current recording project, “I Love the State of Maine.” He has always remained very active and successful as a solo performer.

With influence from heroes ranging widely from Tony Rice to Waylon Jennings to Jimi Hendrix to Bach, Jack has been able to delight young and old alike with his extensive vocal repertoire, driving rhythm, and dazzling acoustic flat-picking.