The Dale and Darcy Band is an Americana, Celtic, Bluegrass, Roots band. Dale, Neil Rossi started out playing together fifteen years ago as a group of friends and have since developed into a cohesive, tight and lively band that plays all over Vermont and New England. As a trio and quartet, they play twin fiddles, tenor banjo, mandolin, penny whistles, bass and guitar. You may have seen them play at The Alchemist, Piecassos, The Trapp Family Brewery, Top Notch, the Cliff House, Nectars, Rira’s, The Farmhouse, Foam, The Inn at Essex, North Hero House, at weddings, farmer’s markets and other music hot spots!
They play a mix of waltzes, Aires, jigs, reels as well as bluegrass tunes, both instrumental and with Dale singing vocals. Over the past three years they have developed more an Americana/Roots sound and are always adding new tunes to our lineup. Dale sings originals and a wide range of covers, (Willie Nelson, Lyle Lovett, John Prine, James Taylor, Bonnie Raitt, etc.)