With bluegrass becoming more and more an international phenomenon year over year, it’s not surprising to see non-US artists popping up in the mainstream bluegrass radio market.

For Marija Droze, growing up in a small town in Lithuania, bluegrass wasn’t really on her radar, though she was drawn to a number of American artists like Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton, Alison Krauss, Johnny Cash, and Keith Whitley whose music was deeply influenced by traditional Appalachian styles.

She studied music in college, and began performing with bluegrass and traditional country venues around home. But a chance meeting at a Lithuanian music festival 10 years ago brought her together with US grasser Billy Droze, and the two were soon wed. They have a lovely family now near Nashville, where they collaborate on each others’ music careers.

Now that Billy’s status as a bluegrass singer and songwriter are clearly established, it’s time for Marija to make a stab at the same thing. A debut single has been released on RBR Entertainment, Listen To Your Heart, written by Marija and Billy, and recorded with Billy’s touring band, Kentucky Blue. Billy and Don Rigsby provide the harmony vocals.

The single debuted at #7 on our Bluegrass Today Weekly Airplay chart.